No Longer Taking Parenting Suggestions, Thank You For Your Understanding

We have so much pressure as women to be so many things and I quickly found out that how you mother is very much one of them.  I told myself I wasn’t going to let anyone get to me but here I am, gotten to.  Everyone thinks what they do is the correct version of whatever topic we are on that day and the internet just confuses you even more.  I went into this adventure having never babysat a baby before, only holding a few in my life and having no clue about the intricacies of parenthood, like AT ALL.  So while I do need help, I don’t want it most of the time it is given.  You know why?  Because I don’t care for most of its delivery.  I don’t like when someone asks me how I am handling a particular situation and as I am speaking, I can see them ready to burst with their opinions once I’m done.  I can see that if someone has dealt with a similar issue, they do not believe it possible that the exact formulation for success with THEIR baby would not be so with MY baby.  If they used a product, they might as well get paid for promoting it and every other product is garbage.  And please don’t get me started on the older generation…”When we had babies, we used blankets and nothing happened…what do you mean you don’t want your kid eating hot dogs, you ate them and you’re fine!!!”  (Don’t get me started on artificial colors and processed meats, that’s for another time.)  I do my research, I talk to my pediatrician and my husband and I take our own beliefs and combine it with that information and WE MAKE DECISIONS.  But do I still question myself?  Of course I do.  But in the end, I think that everyones kids are basically going to be alright.  You want to feed your kids hot dogs and pizza and tell me that’s all they will eat so you give up and that is what you will be serving them?  They will be fine.  I’m not going to say a word, but don’t roll your eyes when someone like me is over here using my Baby Bullet to make baby food and trying to raise a boy who wants to recycle and consume less animal products.  Because he will be fine too.  There are always multiple paths to success, no ones way is really better than anyone else’s.  Does this mean that when my mother in law comments on the length of my son’s fingernails next time, I’m not going to feel like a slight failure because I didn’t get around to clipping them?  No, I’ll still feel like shit.  But am I going to say something asinine like “We don’t believe in cutting his nails all the time as it could be psychologically damaging”?  Yes, I fucking will.  Because I’ve been listening to advice for almost six months now, it comes out of everyone…like, even men who don’t even hold babies…and I’m realizing, if they think they are experts.  So am I.  God damnit, SO AM I.

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