I’m Back…The Baby is Out

I took a long break from blogging during my pregnancy because to be honest with everyone, my brain just didn’t work while I had that baby in there!  Pregnancy brain was super real for me.  I found myself missing appointments, messing up simple orders at work, and I spent A LOT of time at the grocery store because I’d forget essential items nearly every time I went.  Plus, the ice cream supply was pretty difficult to maintain, especially when only certain stores carry the particular Vegan variety I would find myself craving at any given time.  And then there was the naps.  I couldn’t fight the naps so I didn’t and therefore I didn’t blog.  But now that Baby Alex is here I am home, pumping and breastfeeding round the clock and I’m ready to talk plant-based, vegetarianism, babies and life again.  Can’t wait to start reading blogs again, too.

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