Why Can’t I Be Pregnant AND Vegan???

Well, it happened.  I got pregnant because I tried to get pregnant.  I guess that is what happens when you stop using the pull out method and focus on intercourse during ovulation, huh?  I seriously thought it would take me a year to conceive, during which time I would slowly adjust to the idea of being pregnant and becoming a mom.  I can be kind of negative sometimes…I was like, I’m 32, I have bad periods, blah blah, it’s going to be tough.  And then, five months into this journey, I fell pregnant.  And I fell hard people. I had a couple of blissful weeks of no nausea, normal energy levels but then the nausea came.  And that bitch never left once since she got here.  She hangs out with me all day long.  She makes it difficult to eat the wide variety of Vegan foods I was previously enjoying.  And what I want to eat depends on the day, please…it can depend on the HOUR of the day.  Because one day, Lucky Charms with Almond Milk is THE ONLY THING I can even think of eating then the next day I’ll start having vivid thoughts of plain potato chips.  I cannot tell you the last time I ate plain potato chips, I don’t even think I liked them unless they were a vehicle for a dip that I can no longer eat since the dairy allergy started.  But now there are days I am practically desperate for a bag…go figure.  So this vivid dreaming of food brings me to my major point here.  The healthy Vegan foods I was eating no longer appeal to me.  I have tried to eat beans, guacamole, vegetable soup, stir fry…They are currently turning my stomach.  I actually dry heaved after a bite of guacamole the first time I tried to eat it, probably around my 7th or 8th week.  Now, if you don’t know me and my husband that well, let me brief you about guac at our home.  It must be stocked at all times, it is to used on a variety of mexican style vegan dishes and it is never used in moderation.  We yell at each other when one of us uses the last of it and doesn’t immediately head to the store to restock.  So to not be able to eat guacamole is very foriegn to me.  I’ve tried several times to reincorporate more veggies into my diet but I just CAN’T.  I’m worried because I know I need to be eating well for the baby but I JUST CAN’T right now.  I take my vitamins and eat plenty of fruits (something I thankfully crave still) and eat lots of nuts and peanut butter but I know I’m not doing as well as I should be.  I’ve read up on this issue and since this happens to many women in the first trimester, I have hope that the second trimester will allow me to get back on track.  In the meantime, I’ve done the unthinkable…I’ve went back to eggs.  Sigh.  Everytime I eat them I think about the research I’ve done on how eggs can be one of the worst animal products we consume, but they are one of the things I can’t stop thinking about and *BONUS* they don’t make me sick to my stomach when I eat them.  So I guess I’m a vegetarian until further notice.  But it gets worse guys.  Remember when I mentioned those vivid food cravings?  Well, a lot of times they include foods I can no longer eat anyways…like grilled chicken sandwiches with swiss cheese on grilled rye bread dipped in ranch which would no doubt send me into immense pain for days seeing as all the gluten and dairy in such a meal.  But thats what is running through my head.  Pizza with real cheese smeared with olive oil and sprinkled heavily with parmesean…deep fried chicken tenders dipped in ranch, cold cut sub sandwiches on soft non gluten free bread dripping with Italian dressing.  Well, I could go on but I won’t.  I’ve even broken down and bought gluten free chicken tenders to make at home.  It’s such a weird thing to eat them for me because I feel guilty, I feel borderline grossed out but then at the very same time, I’m sooooo happy eating exactly what I was craving.  In about a week I will entering my second trimester.  According to my doctor, every mother I know, and all the internet research I’ve done, it should be very soon that I can expect some relief from what can only be described as hell and will get my appetite back.  I fully intend to recommit myself to a fully Vegan diet and am actually looking forward to it.  I miss my newly discovered recipes!  I miss the satisfaction of knowing I am not contributing to environmental destruction and the detriment of my own health…

Anyone else out there find themselves struggling with staying Vegan during pregnancy?  What did you do?  Did you feel guilty too?

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