Vegan Nail Polish Review

In my journey to be more healthy, I am trying to be more Vegan than just “plant based” in that I’d like to embrace more products that adhere to the Vegan definition and are hopefully better for me.  Nail polish is one of my obsessions.  I feel positively naked without my nails painted.  I pride myself on the compliments I receive on my creative designs and my ability to achieve nail salon quality results here at home.  Then I started reading about the ingredients companies put into the nail polishes I use.  Chemicals that can affect fertility and reproductive health were my main concern because I am actively trying to get pregnant.  When you put nail polish on your nails, it usually ends up, at least in part, on your skin too.  This makes it rapidly absorb into your body.  Now I know what a lot people are going to say…”Oh, everyone I know wears nail polish and nothing ever happened to THEM!!!”…”Something is going to kill us one day anyways, I’m not giving up my nail polish!”…But for me, it was something I just didn’t want to risk.  I started researching 5 Free and 7 Free polishes that also did not test on animals or use animal products.  I got rid of my extensive polish collection and started a new cruelty free and less toxic collection.  The three brands I initially tried are ella+mila, Pacifica and ILNP.  I am pleased with each one’s performance, as I didn’t have much hope for their staying power.  Neither one chipped during wear, I even worked two days in a row while wearing ILNP (I’m a waitress, a job that is hard on manicures) and still had just minimal wear down at the tips rather than actual chips and was easily able to touch them up.  The ella+mila basecoat gave much more longevity to the Pacifica I had initially tried without base coat and had more chipping…but that is obvious to any nail enthusiast that a base coat is a must.  Not only was I impressed with the lack of chemicals and the performance of these polishes, but also with the color selection.  I got some really great sparkly, chromey and rich shades that all painted on beautifully.  Overall, my opinion is a big thumbs up to Vegan, 7-Free polishes and thank God, because I didn’t want my nail game to suffer in the name of good health!  (Note: ILNP is only three free but is still Vegan and I simply could not resist their color selection…to combat the extra chemicals they still include I used the ella+mila base coat.)Image-1-2

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