Calling All Vegans…I NEED HELP!!!!

I guess I’m reaching out for some advice here.  Ive been doing a lot of internet research and have been trying lots of things but to no avail.  After eating fully plant based for around two months, I started to get intense pain in my upper abdomen and middle back. This pain felt a lot like my gallbladder, but since I had it removed that seemed silly.  Went to the doctor when the pain carried on for six days with no relief in sight.  Of course, she tried to prescribe me Omeprozole…google it, not a good drug.  Did some research on that and find out that the doctor telling you that you have too much acid is silly and taking antacids is the worst thing you can do.  Your stomach is supposed to have acid, thats how it breaks down foods you eat.  I learned that Apple Cider Vinegar is a much better option for acid issues and that it wasn’t too much acid but rather not enough and no one should be taking antacids unless they really wanna fuck themselves up.  I also started taking HCL with Pepsin and several digestive enzymes with meals.  Another finding in my research was that plant based diets must include amino acids because they are crucial to digestion and the creation of stomach acid.  I have been feeling much better but I am still bloated.  Even when I’m not gassy, my stomach looks distended and its frustrating me because I am obsessed with looking skinny from the side…I guess I should do a follow up on my weight insecurities one day…but let me tell you: I don’t look skinny from the side and even my husband can notice a difference.  And you know its serious if they can see it lol.  So I’m wondering if I am doing myself a disservice by going full plant based.  Has anyone tried eating one serving of meat or fish weekly and seen results?  Has this even happened to anyone?  Could I be ultra sensitive due to my food allergies and having had my gallbladder removed?  I’m dying over here, not just with the bloating, but the occasional pain I fight.  I went Vegan to feel better and be healthy, and while I might be healthier, I don’t feel very good.  I’m open to all solutions, be it to eat meat occasionally or keeping the plant based diet going but with some adjustments.  Is there something I’m missing in my research? I know I definitely missed the amino acids part, so possibly something else????  I would like to hear from people like me who found solutions because its obvious the medical community just wants to put me on medicine and tell me to no longer be Vegan…theres gotta be some different solutions out there.

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