I’m a VEGAN Now so…

You’ve probably caught a lot of memes recently about What the Health?  They’re pretty funny, I have to admit.  But they also make me think that so many people really are brainwashed in their refusal to accept any change when it comes to diet.  Tommy and I decided to change our eating habits starting the night we watched.  He has had minimal dairy but no meat since August 7th, while I have had absolutely nothing from an animal since August 10th, when I couldn’t figure out Egg Replacer for my waffle recipe and had to resort to using one egg.  If you’ve read my blog before, you already know I have a gluten and dairy allergy, so this has been an easier transition for me because I’m used to eliminating foods as it is.  Meals now require a little bit more thought than before.  I need to ensure I include a protein source, which isn’t always easy, especially at a restaurant.  I also had a really hard time adjusting to the heavy increase in fiber intake, which I will spare you the unladylike details, but thankfully have figured some things out.  I’ll include a checklist of a few tips that worked for me so far.  Obviously, I am still new to all of this and am by no means an expert, but if going plant-based, or Vegan, appeals to you, I’d strongly suggest it, I feel really great!  If you want to eat meat and cheese, that’s totally cool with me, too.

And that brings me to what I really want to talk about…my feelings, LOL, but seriously, deciding to change what I put in MY BODY seems to not only illicit unwanted advice and criticism but actual ANGER and INSULT out of so many people.  First, there was my mom who was actually mad that I wasn’t going to eat meat anymore, she thought it meant when we hung out, everything would be ruined because, if we had a BBQ, what were they going to eat.  I calmly explained, that they are welcome to eat whatever they want in our home, out of our home, etc. and we could harmoniously be Vegans right alongside them NOT being Vegans.  She still finds it silly which kind of pisses me off but I just let it go.  Tommy’s mom, who comes from a different country and completly different mindset, especially thinks its crazy but also doesn’t seem to have a grasp on a lot of other concepts like my dairy allergy being actually real and not just in my head as well as a few other things.  And what I find so ludacris, is how both our parents don’t have great health and still find the thought of trying food as a healing power as so unnatural.  They’d rather go to the doctor, get on pills and wonder why they don’t feel so good.  I’m not saying that I will live cancer free till 125 just because I gave up animal products and that their lifestyle guarantees it either, but if it makes me feel good, is relatively easy, what not try a proactive approach to my health.  Why not try to prevent illness, rather than cure it?  A lot of people will roll their eyes, discount the documentary as having false information and say the thing I absolutely cannot stand to hear people say: “We’re all going to die from something…I’m going to eat what I want!”  (This statement gets thrown around by tanning bed users, smokers, heavy drinkers and overweight people A LOT, and all it says to me is that they are too unmotivated to even try to do something healthy for themselves so they have to try to make people who do new things feel stupid for doing it.) As I’ve said earlier, you go ahead and eat whatever you want, I’m not trying to change everyone, I’m just excited at how I feel and like to share it with others.  And often, it isn’t even me who brings it up.  I can’t count how many times people asked me “well, what can you even eat now?” or “so are you not even going to eat -blank- now???” when the subject of my diet wasn’t even brought up yet.

What I really think this all boils down to is the key point in the documentary for me.  I was shocked at the three disease prevention entities in America that seemed to legit want us to get sick first, then focus on cures rather than focus on prevention in the first place.  Combine that with the force that is Big Pharmacutical in our society, it all really started to feel like it could be a big conspiracy to get us sick, cure us temporarily–at high costs–only to get us sick again and make more money when they get us back on prescriptions all over again.  And it makes sense when you think about all the carcinogens, hormones, poisons in vaccines, and antibiotics they are bombarding us with and the correlation with disease increase in our society…and i don’t care if I sound like a wacko hippie, HOW CAN YOU NOT SEE THIS HAPPENING????  And that’s what seems so scary to me.  By and large, the masses are unwilling to even consider an alternative to the traditional American diet because they pretty much seem to be brainwashed into thinking it is the only way.  They are choosing to give any credit to anything new.  They cannot even begin to think a child needs NO DAIRY MILK EVER.   Look, I never would have thought of myself to be one of those people that claims the government wants to get us sick to control us, and part of me still can’t totally accept it, but if eating a plant based diet can reduce my potential future reliance on drugs to keep me alive, fuck it, I’ll give it a try.  All the eye rollers can think I’m being crazy, that’s fine.  So I’m going to be done now except for this one last thought.  Remember when I said how angry and critical people are about MY Vegan lifestyle?  Ask yourself why?  Why are they so uncomfortable?  What proof do they have that totally discounts a Vegan lifestyle?  I certainly am not claiming that being plant based is the cure all and that meat eating is a complete life ender either, so why do they think I am so wrong?  It seems to me, it’s a mind conditioning situation above all else.  And that’s the main reason why I chose to go plant based, because I am willing to entertain there are other options than the ones we have been traditionally fed.

As I’ve promised…a few things I’ve learned in this short time, that have eased the transition to plant based eating.

Digestive Enzymes taken with meals helps prevent gas and cramping

Limit beans, brocolli and cauliflower serving sizes and learn to not combine too many gas producing foods in one meal to ease digestive troubles

Walnuts, sunflower seeds and chickpea pasta Banza are great protein sources

Pinterest can give you hope and inspiration

Drink more water

Its easy to be a “bad” Vegan, if you are unwilling to experiment and not just rely on a few options, I’ve found lots of new things I never thought I would ever eat and am making sure I’m getting all the vitamins and protein I need

Look below at all the delicious things I’ve been eating!  Fried breaded eggplant with Vegan Mozzerella, Salsa/Guac Veggie Wraps, Tempeh Fatoosh Salad, Peanut Butter Banana Toast, Chopped Vegan Salad with Apple Curry Cauliflower and Black Bean Avocado Mac and Cheese…


This is not very well written, but something I feel compassionate about, so I just let it out and didn’t bother with any revisions.  I’d like to hear from people who raise their children Vegan.  I’d like to hear how being plant based made your life better.  I hear so much negative, it would be nice to hear positive.

4 thoughts on “I’m a VEGAN Now so…

  1. This IS well written Michelle:) you have put it all out there and I know EXACTLY what you are going through! I’ve experienced everything you have mentioned here. The kids and I have been completely plant based for over 4 years now. Steve is mostly on board, and even more so after watching the documentary (yessss!). Love what you two are doing and your entire thought process on everything as a whole! It’s spot on!! No, YOU are not weird! The things many people choose to put into their bodies are EXTREMELY weird! Your food looks beautiful and deeeelish! Keep being awesome;)❤ Kristen

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for the support! I like the way I am feeling. I just need more time to keep experimenting with recipes! And I just needed to vent about all the shot I’ve been getting from others! I should be used to it tho I swear cuz you would be surprised how many people think my allergies are bogus, like really? SO now othat I am just choosing to eliminate something they are really freaked out lol


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