Daily Prompt: Snack

via Daily Prompt: Snack


Lately, my favorite snacks are smoothies.  I got started on the smoothie kick because of my friend Rozeta, she regularly goes to Beyond Juice and spends obscene amounts of money on smoothies and juices.  I, being the cheapskate of all cheapskates, decided that $6 daily on prepared smoothies was too much.  Because once you get hooked, you find yourself pulling up to Tropical Smoothie Cafe after work rather than home and you think to yourself, did I just black out?  How did my car take me here and not home.  Like I said, $6 daily habit is too much… So I started buying frozen and fresh fruits, unsweetened vanilla flavored almond milk and got to blending.  When you use the frozen fruits, it creates the same texture as the expensive smoothie shops and it costs WAAAAAYYYYY less.  I spend about $28 and I can make TWO smoothies a day (because now my husband is addicted too!) for over one week.  My tip is to never forget the banana because it’s texture and sugar content makes any flavor better, especially toning down the tartness of an all berry smoothie.  Having a daily smoothie prevents me from indulging in ice cream or other unhealthy options plus, I’m getting calcium and protein from the almond milk and vitamins from the fruits!

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