I just went to Meijers instead of Kroger due to an attractive coupon and cash back incentive. I had a rather rude cashier but didn’t let it get me riled up. I’m driving home and there’s this odd smell in my car, like a perfumey scent. I’m like where is that coming from?!?! I’m really sensitive to smells like that, I HATE scented garbage bags and strong car/home fresheners. So I start unloading my groceries and I realize there’s a scent on my fucking bags, now everything I bought and everywhere I put the bags smells like this grandma type air freshener. So now I’m pissed cuz I’m trying to eat my dairy fucking free salad that’s already a sad meal to begin with and DOESN’T NEED ANY FURTHER ASSISTANCE in being lame and all I can smell is this SMELL. So I called Meijers to ask them and let them know that if scented bags is all they offer they have lost my business and no one seems to have any idea what I’m talking about and I’m creating life threatening allergies to perfumes and buckling up, ready to come down there with these fucking ass smelling bags to shove them in their faces because I know I’m not crazy. But the next in the chain of command they transfer me to finally asks what lane I went thru and I told her Stephanie’s as it sez on my receipt. She goes ok I think now that u have identified Stephanie as your cashier I know the problem, the store manager will contact you after 2:30. Long story short, I think that idiot Stephanie must’ve sprayed this shit in her lanes bags and my guess is this is not the first fucking time and I don’t really care if she gets fired or not. My whole house stinks, like I think I’m going to have to sell it. Fuck you Stephanie, fuck your dumb ass wooden earrings and your hippie grandma scented bags, you better hope that store manager LOADS me up with dairy free Ben and Jerry’s hush pints bitch because you have ruined my day.

So this rage inducing tragedy happened June 3, and I had taken to Facebook to vent, the above exerpt was written when the rage was fresh.  Now that I have calmed down and the stinky groceries are gone from my home, I decided it was time to reflect.  So soon after this happened, I was offered a $25 gift card for my “inconvenience”, which let me be frank was more than just an inconvenience.  I had to BATHE my grocery packaging and ended up throwing away bagged salad and some fruit because I could not get the smell off them.  So a few days later I went to collect my card and guess what?  They had no recollection of this happening and there was no card.  I’ve called a few times and haven’t gotten a response.  I guess I’m sharing this story here because I can’t decide what my next move should be.  Do I go up there again and demand my $25 card?  And if I do that, do I demand my compensation be multiplied for the addition grief I am continuing to suffer from this establishment?  Do I call Fox 2 Problem Solvers?  Do I refuse to shop there in spite of the fact they routinely stock both my Gluten Free Red Bridge Beer AND my Ben & Jerry’s Almond Milk Ice Cream in a wide variety of flavors?  Its hard to stick to boycotts so maybe I should just let this one go.  Maybe I need a few more years of age and wisdom to completely not care how insane I look, because I just don’t feel like I’m there yet.  Like my old lady crazy hasn’t kicked in fully and it just seems like too much energy and time to waste on embarrassing myself at customer service.  I wonder, now, when that time will come?  After childbirth?  At age 40?  Or will one certain social injustice just go ahead and tip me over the edge and then I’ll be full on shameless?  Either way, I’m sitting here on my day off, with time to kill, torn between wanting my $25 and not wanting to be that person either…


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