Blog Number One

So I did it. After several suggestions via Facebook, I decided to go for it and create this blog.  So now I have a more official place for my colorful tales.  And speaking of colorful tales, creating this blog was, as to be predicted if you know how my life tends to go, painful to create.  First, it was the damn name.  I spent countless hours trying to come up with the proper name…Blogarooski to honor my Polish heritage?  Something about being Dairy Free?  Fran, my beloved dog-child?  Second, I think I accidentally created two MichelleVilles, which I am patiently waiting to hear back from WordPress support on how to take care of that snafu.  Third, I couldn’t figure out why my damn edits weren’t showing up on the actual damn page until I finally saw the fucking publish button.  Wow, I thought to myself, am I serious?  I think I can create a blog, garner national attention, collect lucrative advertising deals and possibly publish a book or find some other vehicle out of the Coney Island hell I am in right now AND I CAN’T EVEN CUSTOMIZE MY BITCH ASS BLOG?!?!  But in the end, I figured out what can only be described as the baseline level of skill to get this thing off the ground and that’s a success.  Looking forward to entertaining everyone in many post to come.  Now if you will excuse me, I’m going to pound back another gluten-free Red Bridge

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